• Cho, HyungJun, Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2002

PhD students (Statistics):
  • Kim, Jae-Oh
  • Um, In-Ok

MS students (Statistics):
  • Jung, Yeon-Joo
  • Baek, Yoo-Min
  • Jang, Min-A
  • Han, Ji-Soo
  • Park, Byung-Keon

MS students (Statistical Data Science):
  • Im, Jae-Sun
  • Noh, Young-Joo

PhD alumni (Statistics):
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  2. Lee, Seok Hyung, "Residual-based Unbiased Decision Trees for Over-dispersed and Zero-inflated Count Data", 2014.02
  3. Eo, Soo-Heang"Tree-structured Regresssion Modeling for Longitudinal and Multi-response Data", 2015.02

MS alumni (Statistics):
  1. Kim, Sukwoo, "Fast Split Finding of Decision Tree for Multivariate Binary Data", 2009.02
  2. Seo, Wonseok, "Reproducibility and Replication of High-dimensional Data", 2009.02
  3. Jang, Ji Yeon, "Comparison Study of Data Mining Algorithms using Mixed-effects Model", 2009.02
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MS alumni (Statistical Data Science):
  1. Yong, Kwan, "Study for Credit Score Modeling through Data Mining Methodology", 2010.02
  2. Jang, Jin Woo, "Insurance Risk Management through Data Mining", 2010.08
  3. Lee, Hyun Jung, "Study on the Reliability of Contingent Valuation Method (CVM) through Simulation", 2011.02
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  8. Cho, Bak-Sa, "Building A Credit Scoring Model in FinTech using Data Mining Techniques", 2016.08

Updated on August 2016